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Alchemical calculations

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In the beginning, God geometrized! ” said Pythagoras.
Alchemical calculations mean the calculation of good and evil. These two energies govern earthly, material and tangible existence.
Have you caused so much trouble for people or your own life or have people made you see it all? Don’t panic, the Alchemical Calculations are now here! More rational than all references on personal development.
Alchemical Calculations are the calculation of the mastery of life. You will learn how to solve problems such as: CALCULATION OF DOUBT and COMPLAINT, so what equal it gives in order to help us almost like a magic formula. By calculating daily these precepts of Alchemical Calculations, it brings relief and gradually lessens the sense of guilt or pain of victimization and naturally brings peace of mind and metabolism to both the victim and the repentant abuser…

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